Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Requirements

Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Requirements

November 18 | Grants Management

This is the second in a series of tips.

Now that school has started, our thoughts turn to the Parent and Family Engagement (PFE) activities required of districts and charters who receive Title I, A funds. The ESSA parent and Family Engagement requirements are in effect for both Targeted Assisted and Schoolwide campuses. The CSS team has been at work assisting and advising current clients on the completion of required PFE activities.

It is important to note that ESSA included and enhanced parent engagement requirements that were initially found in ESEA.

Parent & Family Engagement requirements for campuses that receive Title I funds

Title I Parent Meeting aka Annual Title I Meeting 

This meeting is recommended for a time early in the school year.  The purpose is to explain Title I program, how the campus receives and uses funds, and how the students benefit from the program.  The CSS team always directs clients to access the Title I Statewide Initiative section of the Region 16 website for a variety of resources useful in planning and hosting the Title I Parent Meeting are housed at the Region 16 website here: http://www.esc16.net/page/title1swi._Annual_TI_Meeting

School Parent and Family Engagement Policy (formerly, the Parent Involvement Policy)

The Texas Education Agency requires that ALL Districts and Campuses are required to develop and review Parent Involvement Policies (even for 1 campus charters). Each campus and district receiving Title I funds must develop jointly with, agree on with, and distribute to, parents of participating children a written parental involvement policy that contains the information required by PL 114-95, Section 1116.  The policy establishes the LEA’s expectations for parental involvement and describes how the campus will implement a number of specific parent and family engagement activities. Resources include checklists for both the campus and district policies along with sample policies from other Texas schools. http://www.esc16.net/page/title1swi.compliance_policy.

NOTE: Although templates are provided, they are NOT intended to be used word-for-word.  They are useful as reminders of the topics to be covered in the written policies.  Remember to be sure the policies are written in understandable language.

School-Parent Compact – PL 114-95 Section 1116(d)

Currently, the CSS team is working with clients or verify the School-Parent Compacts have been developed, reviewed and updated by parents before they are shared with all parents of the charter.  Remember that the school-parent compact outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved academic achievement and the strategies by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state’s high standards. And remember, if you are an elementary school, the compact MUST be shared in individual parent-teacher conferences.  Click on this link to see Region 16’s resources for Parent-Compacts.

Parent’s Right to Know

Title I requirements include parent notification requirements.  Schools are expected to send out a letter to all parents informing them of their right to know their child’s teacher’s qualifications and their child’s level of achievement on state assessments. TEA expects the notification to be sent directly to parents. Including the notification and/or the campus website alone is not considered sufficient notification. Resources for a Parents Right to Know are found at this link.

TEA monitoring of Parent and Family Engagement requirements

TEA monitors compliance by reviewing your charter’s responses on the ESSA Compliance report submitted each year. In addition, districts and charters are randomly selected to submit their required Parent Involvement documents for review. The random validation of Title I program components takes place on an annual basis.

Several of the CSS team members have experienced this monitoring while in our previous charters and districts. Therefore, we are able to advise and assist in this process. In addition, districts and charters are randomly selected to submit their required PFE documents for review.  The random validation of Title I program components takes place on an annual basis.

Documentation of your schools’ compliance with PFE requirements

Documentation typically includes meeting invitations and/or flyers, sign-in sheets, agenda, minutes, and handout. The CSS team assists client schools by training administrators and other key staff on best practices to meet documentation requirements.

Resources for the Title I Parent and Family Engagement

The statewide Title I parent Involvement initiative is managed by the Region 16 Education Service Center.  It offers multiple resources for Parents, Teachers, and Administrators. Click here for the 2019-2020 Calendar of events to keep you up-to-date on all required submissions and activities. Additionally, each year they host the State Family and Engagement Conference, this year is San Marcos, Texas. It is a great conference to which to send administrators, teachers, and parents to learn more about building capacity with parents. See the Statewide Parent and Family Engagement Initiative resource page here.

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