ESSA Consolidated Grant Application

Summer is grant writing time in the federal world! This can often be our busiest time of year with closing out previous year grants, and planning and applying for the next round. One of the main ones is the ESSA Consolidated Grant Application that is the formula grant (non-competitive) for the major title funds (Title … Read More

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Charter HR Professional?

Today’s HR Tip is an interview with an HR Expert – Charter School Success’s very own Jordan Elliott. Read below for Jordan’s valuable insights from her career as an HR professional How did you get into the field of HR in education? My real love for HR evolved while I was serving as Superintendent of … Read More

High School Indicators – Summer PEIMS

Did you know that there are multiple accelerated programs that your district could be offering your High School students? These programs are a great opportunity for your students and can potentially boost your districts’ College, Career and Military Readiness calculations! If your district offers one of these programs, you will need to code the students … Read More

Summer PEIMS

It is incredibly important that your Student Information System (SIS) Calendar accurately reflects what occurred in your district each day! In order to receive full ADA funding each of your campus calendars must include at least 75,600 operational minutes, including all applicable waivers. Operational minutes include all daily minutes from the start of student instruction … Read More

Gun Free Schools Report

When is your last day of school? We have a task for you to do the day AFTER that date. Thank goodness gun incidents are rare; nonetheless, all charter districts that receive any federal funds must submit the Gun Free Report (PR6000) by June 29, 2024. This is the one case where you should not … Read More

Travel Pay from Federal Grant Funds

One of the best things about summer is the opportunity for new learning in the form of various workshops or conferences. Professional development that supports your improvement plans and is part of an ongoing goal can often be supported by federal funds. If you are considering funding travel for PD out of federal grant funds, … Read More

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

It’s that time of year again!  Time to begin planning for the upcoming school year.  Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across the state are currently working with their campuses on planning for the 2024-2025 school year.  To begin this process, campuses must first look at where they are now and use that as a guide to … Read More

Title I Paraprofessional Requirements

Summer is coming and soon you will be hiring for next year! As you look to acquire new talent, please be aware of the qualifications that Title I-funded instructional paraprofessionals must possess. The “highly qualified” requirements for Title I-funded instructional paraprofessionals were retained when NCLB was reauthorized as ESSA. TEA has forms to complete when … Read More

End of Year Federal Activities for Charter Districts

CSS is there to keep you organized in the end of school madness! Our handy checklist below contains “all things federal grants” that you need to finish up the year! You will find all pertinent TEA deadlines that you can add to your calendar today! CSS hopes you have an incredible end of the year … Read More