Title I School-Parent Compact

You’ve probably heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” The same is true about educating a child.  When schools and parents work together, we see greater student success. Parents and schools agree that we want our students to be successful.  One of the ways to help our students achieve academic success … Read More

Random Validations for Federal Program Compliance – Phase 2

Phase I of random validations for federal program compliance monitoring ended on October 17. If you dodged that bullet (yee haw!), take heed — there is another round that begins November 28! For charters, this mainly concerns two areas of compliance: the Unsafe School Choice Option (USCO) and the Title I Ed Flex waiver. CSS … Read More

Required Internet Postings for Texas Charters

Charter schools that have websites are required by state law to post certain information on their site. If a charter fails to post the information, it can result in the charter’s mandatory revocation or restructuring of the charter holder’s governing board. Additionally, as recipients of federal funds, charters are also required by federal law and … Read More

Silent Panic Alert Technology (SPAT) Grant – Due Dec 12, 2022

Your school may have previously benefitted from the School Safety and Security grant that the State issued in an effort to prevent school violence. More safety funding is being made available with the SPAT Grant being due in the very near future. The SPAT grant is to purchase silent alert technology, and to be honest, … Read More

LASO Grant – Learning Acceleration Support Opportunities

Ready to “round up” some new funding? The latest release of post-COVID funding is called LASO (aka TCLAS II), and CSS is here to be your partner as we wrestle up all the dirt on this new grant that is due December 22, 2022. Preliminary training for LASO has already happened in October (don’t worry, … Read More

The Fingerprinting Process – Employee and Contractors

Do you ever feel like saying “Help! How do I stay in compliance with fingerprinting and background check requirements for my employees and contractors?” Especially with the recent related changes, we’re here to help answer some of your most frequently asked fingerprinting questions. Click here to register now for HR Compliance Tasks online course for … Read More

Title I Comparability of Services

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and times are joyful and busier than ever. We can almost taste the turkey and pumpkin pie, but before you break for Thanksgiving, an important task for Federal grants must be done. IF your Charter District receives Title I, Part A funds, Comparability reports must be done. This “test” … Read More

ESSA Basic Program Requirements: Fiscal and Program

Federal funds don’t just provide money to your schools. They create programs. By focusing on solid programs, you can add to your school’s repertoire and improve your ability to serve students. But programs funded by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) are regulated by many rules that can seem confusing at times. As a savvy … Read More

Bilingual/ESL Allotment (PIC 25) and Written Policy and Procedures

Having written procedures for your State Compensatory Education and Bilingual/ESL programs has gone from being “strongly encouraged” to “required” as part of your annual financial report. Auditors are currently asking to see these in order to determine if program funds are being used in compliance. Today’s article will focus on the Bilingual/ESL policies. CSS does … Read More

SHARS Survey Due Nov 4, 2022 for IDEA-B Recipients

Did you receive IDEA-B funding for SPED last year (2021-22)? If so, your LEA is required to complete the SHARS survey by Nov 4, 2022. SHARS is a program by which districts can receive funding from Medicaid for certain SPED services. Even if you do not have a SHARS program, you must complete the survey if … Read More