Completing the 2020-21 ESSA Compliance Report

Let’s face it, compliance is not what is fun about our jobs as educators. On the other hand, compliance can help us be more thorough and diligent in implementing our programs for students. Rules for compliance can help us clarify what is expected of us to do our jobs right and stay out of trouble. … Read More

Title I Supplemental Methodology Requirement

SNS is not a typo for SOS! SNS stands for “Supplement Not Supplant,” and prior to the start of school there is a test. It’s called the “Supplemental Funds Test,” and is for LEAs that receive Title I, Part A federal funds. If you need tutoring for this test, today’s article is for you! Many … Read More

Audit Update: Submitting Your Annual Financial Report

It’s Audit Time! In Today’s Tip, we’ll be discussing the steps you need to take to submit/upload your Annual Audit — also referred to as the Annual Financial Report (AFR). At CSS, we help review and assist in the completion and submission of the audit for our Charter School Success clients. On-time audits are required to Pass FIRST, … Read More

Updated State Aid Template available from TEA

The Charter School 2020-2021 State Aid Template is NOW AVAILABLE on the Texas Education Agency website! Over the last several months, Charter School Success has been working with our client charters to help develop their 2020-2021 budget, using the 2019-2020 State Aid Template information and calculations. Now that the 2020-2021 Estimate of State Aid Template … Read More

IDEA-B Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Compliance

TEA has calculated IDEA-B LEA maintenance of effort (MOE) compliance reviews for school year 2018–2019. What is IDEA-B Maintenance of Effort (MOE)? MOE is a federal requirement that affects how an LEA (i.e. Charters) budgets and spends their state and local funds on special education students. Charter School Success helps our charter school clients in both the … Read More

Financial Compliance and Accountability

Because Texans trust charter officials to spend money wisely and efficiently, the state’s financial accountability systems for public charters provides a report that annually examines school funding and compliance issues to confirm that spending has been appropriate.  This report is referred to as Charter FIRST. Districts and charters must also have an outside auditor examine their financial records each … Read More

Audit Firm Selection and Qualifications

In today’s Tip, we are discussing Audit Firm Selection and Qualifications. Auditing is a process of reviewing a Charter’s financial records to decide if they are accurate and align with regulations, state laws and accounting standard. Audits are conducted by third-party external auditors that are CPA (Certified Public Accountants) or by an auditing firm. External … Read More

Time to file Quarter 1 941 reports

It is that time of year to file the 941 Quarterly Payroll Reporting to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and report wages to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC.) First quarter 941 forms are due April 30, 2020. What is a 941? IRS Form 941 is a quarterly report of wages paid to employees and the … Read More

Financial Management

Financial management means applying general management principles to financial resources of the Charter. This encompasses planning, organizing, budgeting, directing and controlling the financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds. Charter School Success assists our clients with Budget, Month End Reporting, and Audit Preparation. Our finance experts are also here to help with Accounting and Bookkeeping, Purchasing, Accounts Payable and more! … Read More

Time to file Quarter 4 941 reports

It’s time to file your final 941 Quarterly Payroll Reporting to the Internal Revenue Service and report wages to the Texas Workforce Commission for the previous calendar year. Quarter 4 941 forms are due JANUARY 31, 2020. What is a 941? IRS Form 941 is a quarterly report of wages paid to employees and the … Read More