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Managing a Charter School is not for the faint of heart, but it also shouldn’t cause a heart-attack. Our comprehensive and compliant services put you in control and free you to do what you do best.

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Charter School Success excels in providing industry-leading services designed to give you confidence, clarity and excellence in your processes and compliance requirements.

Each area of service is provided with incredible efficiency, attention to detail, and a delightfully good attitude.

  • Full Service Accounting
  • Paperless HR & Payroll Processing
  • Monthly Board Reporting
  • All-inclusive Federal Grants Management
  • Year-round Student PEIMS Services

Our success level would not be anywhere near where it is without CSS. It is simply Amazing. I love the monthly reports and being able to see each month where we stand on Charter FIRST.

The staff is so caring and knowledgeable. We appreciate all you have done.


Full Service Accounting & Back Office

Why do we offer full service and back office support when no one else does? Simple. Because we know the passion it takes to run a charter school and the overwhelm these areas can create.

We confidently cover any and all of these functions in house, giving you back the time and focus to make your charter school soar.

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Gain real-time visibility into your charter school with our professional accounting team. Enhanced processes and technology coupled with old-fashioned know-how provide you with the freedom and scalability you need to grow your operation.

Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Forget about the headaches of vendor set up. Stay confident in proper FASRG coding and approvals. Never wonder again about cash flow making payables on time. And defintely don’t sweat the preparation and distribution of 1099 forms to meet IRS deadlines.

HR Onboarding

Hundreds of (sorted!) online applications for the position you need? Check. Perfect hire? Check. The collection of a million signatures, fingerprints, background checks, criminal history review, payroll submission, offer letters, employee manual reviews, and benefits coordination? Check.

Well, that is, if you let us do it for you.

Paperless Payroll

We take your details, policies and timelines and make sure payroll hits the mark every time. From a new-hire setup to monthly TRS submissions and Quarterly IRS reports, we keep you on target and on time.

Fiscal Compliance: FIRST, MOE, and PIC

Never guess where you stand in Fiscal Compliance again. Our intimate knowledge and straightforward approach assures complete compliance in each area.

Comptroller: Budget, Month End Reporting, and Audit Preparation

There is work that isn’t fun but isn’t awful, and then there is comptroller work. There is tedious work you don’t mind doing, and then there is comptroller work.

Yes, we can take this off your plate, and you know you want us to.

Board Reporting

Many consider it the Pièce De Résistance, and we’re not arguing with them. Never before have your finances, operations and compliance levels been this calm, clear, simple and accurate.

Know your exact status and how you’re trending every month. No legwork, no guesswork and no surprises.

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Board Reporting Details

Every month your Board Report provides key metrics via easy-to-read, digestible graphs, delivers a clear focus on FIRST compliance with key numbers, and provides live 1-on-1 expert observations and recommendations from the CSS team.

Below are snapshots from a sample Board Report.

Days of Cash, First Indicator 6
Admin Cost, First Indicator 11
All Funds Budget to Actual
Special Program Allotment

Federal Grants Management

From application assistance to fund budgeting, from compliance reporting to annual reviews, Charter School Success is there with you every step of the way in one of the trickiest areas of Charter School operation.

PEIMS Support

We know you work hard at what you do, and for good reason. Our PEIMS support makes sure your hard work reaps the greatest benefits possible, garnering every dollar you’ve secured for your Charter School.