Internal Controls

What are Internal Controls and why are they important? Internal control is defined as a process, effected by an entity’s board of directors, management, and other personnel, designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of objectives relating to operations, reporting, and compliance. Internal controls are the policies and procedures management establish to achieve the … Read More

Charter School Budget Overview: Best Practices and Processes

Effective financial management starts with a good budget. A realistic budget is a critical management and accountability tool for charter schools at every stage in their development. The process of establishing a budget forces charters to review and prioritize programs and improvements, helping them allocate resources to areas that are key to academic success. It … Read More

Campus Improvement Plan or Charter Instructional Plan

Would you travel to a destination without a plan or a road map? Probably not. And just like a road map, your Campus Improvement Plan or Charter Instructional Plan (CIP) provides your team with a pathway to define your goals, create evidence-based strategies to target the goals, and determine how they will be monitored and … Read More

Federal End of Year Activities for Charter Districts

Grab your favorite check-off pen and get started on the required end of year activities to close out current federal grants and get ready for next year! Charter School Success has developed a list of Federal Grants and State Comp Ed activities important to Texas Charter Schools.  The purpose of this document is to keep … Read More

Budget Reporting

Some of the most important duties that a school board preforms are discussing and finalizing budgets for the charter each year, monitoring spending activity to ensure it meets budgetary guidelines, and making tough decisions when cuts are necessary. The board may also consider any opportunities for the charter to generate additional revenue. What exactly is … Read More

Texas Charter Procurement

The goal and function of purchasing departments in charter schools is to provide the highest quality goods and services available within the parameters of the approved budget and in compliance with all applicable guidelines and laws. Some charter districts are a one-man or two-man operation, so it’s even more important that all checks and balances … Read More

Operational Minutes Adjustment 2021-2022

The Texas Education Agency has announced that LEAs will receive an automatic adjustment to operational minutes for the 1st – 4th six-weeks attendance reporting periods to mitigate against FSP funding reductions due to low percentage attendance rates. This will allow LEAs the opportunity to recoup funds lost due to low attendance rates likely caused from … Read More

AskTED – What It Is and Why It Is Important for Your Charter?

Not getting important communication can leave you out of the loop and in a bind.  One way to ensure you receive accurate and important information from the State is to make sure your AskTED directory information is current and correct. AskTED is the online Texas Education Directory (TED), which is updated daily.  AskTED is the … Read More

Salary/Payroll Overview – The Total Package

Compensation An employee’s compensation is determined by their position and responsibilities along with the amount of related experience and education they’ve obtained. An organization determines what tool best fits their structure. Districts utilize Pay Scales, Pay Grades, and Pay Step Scales to assist in the Compensation Process. These scales can fluctuate from one year to … Read More