Title I Parent & Family Engagement Policy

Now that school has started, our thoughts turn to the Parent and Family Engagement (PFE) activities required of districts and charters who receive Title I, Part A funds. The ESSA Parent and Family Engagement requirements are in effect for both Targeted Assistance and Schoolwide campuses. The CSS team has been at work assisting and advising … Read More

Random Validations Begin – Title I, II, and IV

It is highly doubtful you are raising your hand shouting “pick me” for random validation of your federal program compliance. Face it, it’s not like winning the lotto! You can rest easy that if you are selected, you do have time and assistance to prepare. Read on to find out what the random validations will … Read More

District Improvement Planning (DIP) for Charter Districts

You have heard the expression “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” and when it comes to school improvement, this is certainly the case. Having a well-designed DIP can help your organization have focus and reach its goals, but in some cases, it is also required by law. According to the federal law, … Read More

Completing the 2020-21 ESSA Compliance Report

Let’s face it, compliance is not what is fun about our jobs as educators. On the other hand, compliance can help us be more thorough and diligent in implementing our programs for students. Rules for compliance can help us clarify what is expected of us to do our jobs right and stay out of trouble. … Read More

Title I Supplemental Methodology Requirement

SNS is not a typo for SOS! SNS stands for “Supplement Not Supplant,” and prior to the start of school there is a test. It’s called the “Supplemental Funds Test,” and is for LEAs that receive Title I, Part A federal funds. If you need tutoring for this test, today’s article is for you! Many … Read More

ESSA Grant Application 

Summer is not vacation time in the federal world. Federal staff are busy planning and writing grants to receive funds for the upcoming school year. At CSS, we have been working with our clients to help them understand the changes in the grant application.  The ESSA Grant Application is the TEA required application for LEAs … Read More

Program Evaluations under ESSA and State Comp Ed

How do you know your federal funds are working for you? Are you getting the most out of your money? Program evaluation is an important part of the process to ensure your federal dollars are being used in the best way. If you are a charter school who either accepts Title I Schoolwide ESSA funds … Read More

Campus Improvement Plan or Charter Instructional Plan

Would you travel to a destination without a road map? Probably not. And just like a road map, your Campus Improvement Plan or Charter Instructional Plan (CIP) provides your team with a pathway to define your goals, create evidence-based strategies to target the goals, and determine how they will be monitored and evaluated. Once you … Read More

ESSER III – American Rescue Plan Funding 2020-23

ESSER III is bigger and better than its prequel ESSER I, but the critics say the sequel is packed with much more red tape. CSS has been busy attending numerous TEA trainings in preparation for the debut of ESSER III, and today’s article will summarize all the requirements of this blockbuster. The prep time will … Read More

NEW 2021 Travel Guidelines are now available

Travel has been largely stagnant since Covid hit, but people are starting to venture back out to in-person meetings and events. CSS wants to make sure you are up to date on the most current travel rates. On April 1, 2021 school officials were notified by the TEA that the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts … Read More