Applying for Sub System of Time & Effort

Applying for Sub System of Time & Effort

June 28, 2024 | Grants Management

You know how sometimes you do something just in case you need it? Applying to use the substitute system of time and effort is a “just in case” situation; because if you don’t apply, you can’t use it. Why would I need it you ask? If you end up needing to split-fund an employee with a federal grant later this year, the sub system of time and effort could be the best way to do semi-annual certification (and avoid doing monthly PARs). CSS recommends getting your LEA name on the approved list so that using the sub system will be an option if needed. Read on to see how!

The federal team assists our member schools in collecting compliant time and effort documentation to match the staff funded from federal grants. Your auditors will be impressed!

When would I use the sub system of time and effort?

Let’s say, for example, you have a teacher who works half the day as an Title I interventionist and the other half of the day teaching SPED classes. This is two different cost objectives (job roles) and would require two different budget codes on their salary to split the pay 50/50. If this teacher consistently follows the same schedule with the time for each job being 50/50, the sub system of time and effort is the best option. It can be done at the same time the semi-annual certifications are done for staff who are not split funded. It only has to be done twice a year instead of using monthly payroll adjustments.

Consider also, if you decide to change a teacher’s schedule and pay source later this year and you are not on the list, then you will be forced to do PARs monthly if you want to split-fund someone. Monthly PARs are doable, but they are just more paperwork for everyone involved.

How do I sign up and get approved?

The application to get on the approved list to use the sub system of time and effort is located in the Smartsheet system. This is the same system used to do ESSER reporting and other school safety reporting, but this application is found in the  EDGAR 2.0 WorkApp. Someone with access to Smartsheets will need to log on and follow these steps:

  1. Locate the EDGAR Connect workapp inside Smartsheets.
  2. From the LEA EDGAR Connect Dashboard, scroll down until you see Substitute System of Time and Effort.
  3. Look on the right for a blue box that says NEW and click it.
  4. Complete all information in the form. Make sure to select school year 2024-25
  5. At the end, type in the name and title of the authorized official and click Save.
  6. Allow TEA time to process, and check the TEA Substitute System website to see if your LEA name appears on the List of Approved LEAs (allow 5 business days).

Please note: If you submit by December 1, 2024, approval will be retroactive back to July 1, 2024. CSS recommends doing this BEFORE any teachers are paid with split funding. After December 1, you can still apply, but would have to use PARs prior to the date of approval.

Are there special forms to use?

Yes, at the end of each semester, AFTER the work is performed and at least every six months, complete the TEA-developed Employee Schedule and Certification Form. Keep this on file with the employee’s daily or weekly work schedule showing the consistent split of time.

Grant funded employees who are not split funded (100% funded by a single cost objective) can use your regular Semi-annual Certification Form. You can also use the above form as a Semi-annual Certification Form for 100%-funded staff by indicating 100% and not split funding on the form.

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