Completing the 2020-21 ESSA Compliance Report

Completing the 2020-21 ESSA Compliance Report

August 20, 2021 | Grants Management

Let’s face it, compliance is not what is fun about our jobs as educators. On the other hand, compliance can help us be more thorough and diligent in implementing our programs for students. Rules for compliance can help us clarify what is expected of us to do our jobs right and stay out of trouble. Each year, LEAs who accept Federal funds must complete a compliance report to verify activities have been implemented according to the program guidelines and approved grant application. Today’s article will cover how to complete the 2020-21 ESSA Compliance Report which continues to be abbreviated this year to reduce the reporting burden during the pandemic. Keep reading to see the information put together by CSS to finish the compliance report and get back to having fun!

The CSS federal team will begin working with client charters to help them identify data sources, locate program documentation, and confirm the implementation of the ESSA program as described in the 2020-21 ESSA Consolidated Grant application.

How to locate your compliance report:

  1. Log into your eGrants account
  2. Look for the Compliance Reports tab at the top
  3. Under “Consolidated Compliance Reports”, find your 2020-21 ESSA Consolidated Compliance Report. Double click to open.
  4. You will want to download a copy to use as a working document before you submit.
  5. You must complete the first schedule, GS2110, which is contact information for the LEA, before the rest of the report will “open.”

Before you complete and submit your ESSA Compliance Report:

  1. Review all schedules to determine what data is needed and who in your charter has the data.
  2. Identify all sources of documentation for required activities.
  3. Review final ESSA grant application to identify charter-district reservations, strategies and activities and make sure your compliance report matches last version of the grant. Remember that expenditures reported on the compliance report are estimates.
  4. Respond to narrative questions using the Guide to Answering Program Implementation Questions.
  5. Retain documentation used to complete ESSA compliance report according to EDGAR guidelines.

ESSA Program Monitoring

Although many of the program implementation questions are grayed out this year, they are still required and subject to the random validations that start in early October. The dates of each validation and review checklists are available by clicking here. Stay tuned for CSS articles on the validations this fall!

Need More Visual Aids?

The Federal Programs Compliance Division at TEA has complete instructions, samples, and training videos available online (click here).

For for a webinar customized for Charters, register now for the “ESSA Compliance Report” online course to take a detailed journey through the ESSA compliance reporting requirements (complete with screen shots). 

Remember! The ESSA Compliance Report deadline is September 30, 2021!

For questions with any of these activities, please contact Charter School Success:

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