Title IV Special Collection Report Due March 17, 2023

Title IV Special Collection Report Due March 17, 2023

January 31, 2023 | Grants Management

Spring is quickly approaching, and it appears that our baskets will be full of reporting. Today’s topic is a new report that TEA’s is requiring everyone that receives Title IV ESSA funding to submit. Even if your charter district transfers 100% of its Title IV funds to Title I, action will be required by March 17, 2023 (consider Spring Break in this deadline).

The CSS federal team assists our contracted clients with reporting as well as all ESSA compliance requirements.

Why is TEA issuing a new report?

The purpose of the data collection is to fulfill requirements under ESSA that public reporting be done on the degree to which progress has been made on Title IV program objectives and intended outcomes. Previously, LEAs have agreed to the requirement in the application assurances, and Title IV has been subject to random validation. TEA has decided that this is not sufficient enough to comply with federal law, and thus the special collection is now required.

Each recipient of Title IV funding is required to have at least 2 measurable goals for the intended outcomes of Title IV funding. The goals must be developed by a group of stakeholders. The goals and progress towards meeting those goals will be entered into the data collection report in phases. The first phase will end on March 17, 2023. (Goals are not required if you transfer Title IV funds to other programs such as Title I; however, you will have to complete the data collection simply marking that you transfer 100% out of Title IV).

Ideally, the goals already exist in your 2022-23 DIP or CIP, and were part of your grant planning process. However, if your Title IV measurable goals are not clearly delineated, revisions may be necessary. In addition, the goals must be developed with the appropriate stakeholders in the areas of well-rounded education, safe and healthy schools, and technology integration (the 3 required content areas of Title IV).

Where and how do I submit the report?

The report opened on Jan 17, 2023 and is located in the Smartsheet Workapp system. It will NOT be done in eGrants. Smartsheet Workapp is the same system being used for ESSER reporting. Generally, only the Superintendent, CFO, and Federal Director (as listed in AskTED, not eGrants) have initial access, and you must go through one of them to ask for access for any additional users.

Finding the report can be a bit tricky. Go to the dashboard and look for the orange box that says “FPC” (Federal Program Compliance), and then click “LEA TIVA Objectives and Outcomes.” Screen shots are available on the Title IV website in the next section.

Where are instructions and training?

The handbook and training video conducted by TEA are located on the Title IV webpage:


  • LEAs that transferred Title IV out – refer to page 10 in the handbook.
  • LEAs that kept control of Title IV funds – refer to all of handbook.

TEA will hold a Q&A session on February 16, 2023 from 1:00-2:00 PM. To register, click here.

What is next?

The next phase of Title IV reporting will happen in October 2023, and be due December 1, 2023. This spring, only the goals and objectives are being reported. In the fall of 2023, they will add expenditures, and you will report on the progress of the goals you submit this March. It is important to think now about the expenditures! Expenditures will be reported on 2022-23 spent funds, and will NOT include carry over from 2021-22. Carry over from 2021-22 has not arrived yet, and is not expected to arrive until February of 2023. It will be important for you to track the carry over funds so that you can exclude them from the expenditures that will be reported in Oct-Dec 2023. In addition, keep in mind that there will still be compliance reporting on Title IV this summer. Stay tuned! You can count on CSS to keep you informed.

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