HB 3 Required School Board Plans and Goals

Has your Texas Charter School Board adopted the two required plans under House Bill 3 – Early Childhood Literacy/Math Plan (EC-LM) and College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) Plan? The original timeline was for both plans to be adopted and in place by the end of the 2019-20 school year, but the deadline has been … Read More

Special Education Fiscal Compliance Survey due November 6

The Special Education Fiscal Compliance Survey is due November 6, and must be completed by all Charters who receive IDEA B funds whether you receive SHARS funding or not.  In the past, this report was only for SHARS participants; however, this year, the State is collecting data regarding 2019-20 expenditures in program intent code PIC … Read More

HB3 Update: Teacher Incentive Allotment

In an effort to attract more attention to the teaching field, the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) is an exciting new allotment implemented through HB3 bill. TIA is meant to encourage people to join the teaching profession by providing a pathway to earn an annual $100,000 salary. Participation in the allotment is completely optional and at … Read More

HB3 Update: Bilingual Education Allotment

Texas has a healthy growing population, and with that, Texas also has an increasing Limited English Proficient (LEP) population. HB3 has expanded the resources and allotments given to schools with a Bilingual Education population to help serve this growing population. TEA states that Texas provides services to the second largest LEP population in the nation, … Read More

HB3 Update: Dyslexia Allotment

HB3 introduced the Dyslexia Allotment to be available for the 2019-2020 school year. Dyslexia is comprised of two primary components: Decoding and Language Comprehension which equate to a person’s reading comprehension ability. TEA has stated that 80% of students who read below grade level demonstrate decoding or word reading weaknesses often attributed to Dyslexia. The … Read More

HB3 Update: Charter School Funding

Most of your campuses are in full swing this time of year; staff developments have been completed, cafeterias are full during the lunch hours and classes full of activity. The days continue as they normally would, while the back office deciphers HB3 to make sure that all changes, compliance rules, and funding guidelines are met. … Read More

HB3 Weekly Update: More Changes to High School Allotments

Career and Technology Education (CTE) Courses The purpose of the CTE allotment is to encourage schools to offer more CTE courses on their campus for their students to take. The goal of a CTE course is to prepare students with the skills needed to further their education and careers in developing and needed professions. The … Read More