HB3 Weekly Update: More Changes to High School Allotments

HB3 Weekly Update: More Changes to High School Allotments

August 26 | Charter Administration

Career and Technology Education (CTE) Courses

The purpose of the CTE allotment is to encourage schools to offer more CTE courses on their campus for their students to take. The goal of a CTE course is to prepare students with the skills needed to further their education and careers in developing and needed professions.

The CTE Allotment is not a new allotment and the funding calculation still remains the same. However, the spending requirement percentage changed from 58% to 55%. The changes implemented are helping to reach the state’s goal of preparing “60 percent of all adults aged 25 to 34 in Texas to achieve a postsecondary degree or workforce credential by 2030.”.

HB3 CTE Changes

New Courses

  • New courses were added to the Tech Applications. All high school computer science and related courses, such as information technology and web design classes, will be eligible for the CTE allotment.

Earlier Funding of CTE Courses

  • The allotment is now applicable to tech apps courses taught in 7th and 8th grades. TEA is planning to “jump Start” the state’s 2030 goal by encouraging middle schoolers to take CTE courses earlier on in their educational career. The logic is that if they start their CTE classes earlier they will be able to advance to the upper level courses earlier in their high school years. If they are exposed to the upper level courses earlier in their school years, then they will have a better opportunity of achieving industry-based certifications such as the C+ program and then on to internships.

Advanced Funding Courses

  • Advanced course funding still remains the same as well. Schools will still receive $50 per eligible CTE full-time equivalent (FTE). To qualify for this extra funding, courses have to be designated as an advanced course. This list is expected to be updated for the 2020-2021 school year. Changes are said to available in September. Click here for the current available list.

CTE Summer Grant

TEA has announced that a $5 million CTE Summer Grant will be available to districts offering CTE courses and Work Based Learning (WBL) experiences over the summer. Applications will be available in November 2019 and the application deadline is January 2020. Schools will be notified by May of 2020 if they were awarded the grant.

Incentives for Quality Innovative High School Models

Campuses designated as a P-Tech campus and campuses that are members of the New Tech Network are eligible for these additional funds. Campuses will receive $50 for each student that is enrolled and is not based on FTE ADA in CTE.


  • P-Tech and New Tech Network campuses must be actively serving students.
  • Campuses that are members of the New Tech Network have to be in an active agreement or in the implementation or continuation phase. PEIMS (E1647)
  • P-Tech campuses designated as “not planning”. PEIMS (E1612)

How to become a P-Tech Campus

Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) is an open-enrollment program that provides students with work-based education. Find information on how to become a P-Tech Campus here.