Charters and ISDs: Two Peas in a Pod or Apples and Oranges?

Did you know that public charter schools have existed in Texas for more than 25 years? It is a bit surprising that some common myths and misconceptions about charters persist despite their overall positive impact.  It is important that charter leaders be aware of those misconceptions and have the tools on hand to set the … Read More

Certificate of Occupancy

Today, we will dive into the need-to-knows of charter operations. This tip revolves around the discussion of a certificate of occupancy. Do those words sound familiar? Yes, to most of us they do. All businesses across the United States must have a certificate of occupancy issued before a business can open, and charter schools are … Read More

Required Texas and Federal Posters for Charter Schools

Did you know that it is required that certain literature be prominently displayed in an area that your employees are likely to easily see it? The Texas Workforce Commission has established a great website for workplace compliance posters. This website will also take you to the Federal U.S. Department of Labor website for more information. The … Read More