Safety and Facilities Enhancement (SAFE) Grant

Are you in need of more funding to meet the school safety standards? A new grant opportunity was released last week that is the third in a series of recent state grants aimed at enhancing school facilities to protect students from violence. You may have previously received the SPAT (Silent Panic Alert Technology), and the … Read More

Special Education Timeline Rule Change for Transfer Students

Have you enrolled any new special education transfer students this year? If so, this information is for you! TEA recently implemented a rule change that addresses a district’s obligations when enrolling a student receiving special education services who has transferred to your district from another Texas district, from out of state, or over the summer … Read More

The Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

As a Charter School District, our number one goal is to offer students a safe, happy and healthy place to learn and grow as individuals. All students are different, and it is important that each district meets their individual needs, often by offering different special programs and learning opportunities. Each special program offered by your … Read More

Indirect Cost Rate Utilization Survey Due Sept. 15, 2023

This must be the year for unexpected surveys from TEA! In July, CSS told you about the Survey on Reporting Real Property, and on Aug 22, TEA Grant Compliance announced another new survey requirement called the “Indirect Cost Utilization Survey.” All LEAs that were issued indirect cost rates (IDCR) in the last 3 years (2020, … Read More

Completing the 2022-23 ESSA Compliance Report 

We know compliance reporting is the least fun thing to do at the start of school, but it can’t be avoided if you have ESSA funds. Each year, LEAs who accept Federal funds must complete a compliance report to verify activities have been implemented according to the program guidelines and the approved grant application. Hopefully, … Read More

New Home Language Survey Effective August 9, 2023

Does the back-to-school rush have you running behind? Well, you are not alone! Just last week TEA released a new Home Language Survey (HLS) to use when enrolling new students starting August 9, 2023 ! Unfortunately, the enrollment packets you have so nicely prepared will need an adjustment. The Home Language Survey is an important document … Read More