Special Program Student Coding

Did you know that some of the special programs you offer in your district have a weighted ADA funding for the students enrolled in that program? This means more money for the services you are providing your students! With that weighted funding comes the potential for additional TEA scrutiny. Each special program that your district … Read More

EDGAR Allowable Costs and Procurement

In order to run a school system, you have to make purchases. There is a great deal of responsibility involved to make sure funding intended for the students is regulated with care. An added layer of review is necessary when these purchases involve federal grant funds. Some charter districts are a one-man or two-man operation, … Read More

Using the Master Schedule to Maximize Funding

Whenever you think about maximizing ADA funding for a school district, you most likely think about proper coding of student attendance, student eligibility codes, and ensuring your students attend school for as many school days as possible. Do you ever think about the impact that your Master Schedule had on your ADA funding? Some of … Read More

AskTED – What It Is and Why It Is Important for Your Charter?

Not getting important communication can leave you out of the loop and in a bind.  One way to ensure you receive accurate and important information from the State is to make sure your AskTED directory information is current and correct. AskTED is the online Texas Education Directory (TED), which is updated daily. AskTED is the primary … Read More

Collaborative Comprehensive Needs Assessment for 2023-24 (CCNA)

While you were relaxing during Spring Break, you might have had thoughts about next year pop in your head, and hopefully you set them aside until this week! Now is the time to start writing down your ideas because it is almost time to start the needs assessment process that is required before you can … Read More