AskTED – What It Is and Why It Is Important for Your Charter?

AskTED – What It Is and Why It Is Important for Your Charter?

December 14 | Grants Management

Not getting important communication can leave you out of the loop and in a bind.  One way to ensure you receive accurate and important information from the State is to make sure your AskTED directory information is current and correct. AskTED is the online Texas Education Directory (TED), which is updated daily.  AskTED is the primary source used by TEA and other agencies to direct communications to the school’s administration and board. TEA expects that the school’s administrators keep AskTED updated with the most recent information, in real time, to ensure the school receives timely information from the state agencies.

How is AskTED used by other education agencies and organizations?

The information in AskTED is used in a variety of ways. TEA employees, school districts, and the general public use AskTED to:

  • Find contact information and create mailing labels for Texas public schools, districts, and charter schools
  • Pre-populate certain documents and forms, such as the grant application documents in eGrants.

How can I check the accuracy of my charter’s information in AskTED?

  1. From the top of the TEA home page, select the link to AskTED.
  2. From the AskTED page, select the link to Quick District Lookup
  3. Type your district name in the box indicated. Click “Search.” Review the resulting details for accuracy.
  4. For more detailed information, you can download additional reports. Select the “Reports and Directories” button. Then select “Download School, District, and ESC Personnel Data File.”
  5. Select the categories you wish to review and click “Download file.”
  6. When the file is downloaded, you can scroll down to find your school’s information.
  7. If you wish to further customize the reports, select the HELP button on the AskTED landing page. Then select “Customized Searches.”

This video takes you step-by-step through the AskTED portal: AskTED Video

The CSS Federal Team works with clients to assist with keeping their AskTED data accurate and up to date. We help sort through their AskTED system information and work with TEA Charter Division to get their changes made.

Is it important to keep the information in AskTED up to date?

The contact information in AskTED is used by TEA to communicate with charter school officials. Failing to keep contact information up to date may result in missing important information and updates specific to your charter.

What information should be kept up to date?

Be sure that campus and district names, addresses, and phone numbers are accurate. The names of key leaders such as superintendent, CFO, principals, and board members should be updated as they change.

Who updates AskTED for charter districts?

TEA’s Charter School Division updates contact information for charter schools and districts. This does not happen automatically.  You must request any updates and changes.  You can reach them by email at or by telephone at 512-463-9575.  The specialist you speak with will give you an estimated wait time for the changes to be made.

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