Title IV Special Collection Report Due March 17, 2023

Spring is quickly approaching, and it appears that our baskets will be full of reporting. Today’s topic is a new report that TEA’s is requiring everyone that receives Title IV ESSA funding to submit. Even if your charter district transfers 100% of its Title IV funds to Title I, action will be required by March … Read More

Program Intent Code Allotments

Program Intent codes (PICs) are used to account for the cost of teaching and other services that are directed toward a particular need of a specific set of students. It is important to remember that it is the intent that determines the PIC, and not the demographic makeup of the students served. When using PICs … Read More

Charter School Success… celebrating 10 years of supporting Texas Charters

Since January 1, 2013, Charter School Success has been providing support for Texas Charter Schools. As we celebrate this milestone, we are delighted to feature a brief interview with our founder, Karen Mowbray. Below, a series of questions and answers with Karen. What inspired you to start Charter School Success 10 years ago? I had … Read More

School Safety Standards Grant Due Feb 17, 2023

The State has put serious ($400 million) money where its mouth is when it comes to the safety and security of public-school facilities. In the unfortunate wake of school violence, we must ask ourselves if our facilities have all necessary barriers and are able to protect our students against intruders. In 2022-23, you will be … Read More

EDGAR: Staffing, Time & Effort

One of the best benefits of federal grant dollars is the ability to add extra staffing; however, there is much to consider about compliance and documentation for federally-funded staff. The Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) must be followed when hiring and documenting the time of federally-funded staff. This article and our accompanying EDGAR Staff … Read More