TCLAS Grant – Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Support

Wading through the abundance of government funding that has become available in response to the COVID pandemic can feel like swimming in an ocean. Every time you turn around, a new wave is coming. Staying afloat is a challenge, but CSS is here to assist you with today’s lifesaving article that provides the basics about … Read More

Contribution to TRS: New Minimum Salary Schedule increase

 Although charter schools are not subject to paying their teachers based on the minimum salary schedule, HB3 requires that open enrollment charter schools pay the state’s contribution on the portion of a member’s TRS eligible salary that exceeds the statutory minimum or the “state minimum.”  Members include classroom teachers, full-time librarians, full-time counselors certified under … Read More

Federal Financial Drawdown

Federal Risk Level The Federal Fiscal Monitoring Division conducts an annual risk assessment of all charters, to determine their potential risk of noncompliance. Based upon the outcome of the risk assessment, charters are assigned a risk level of low, medium, or high. The division updates the risk assessment model annually to ensure that risk indicators … Read More