HB3 Update: Bilingual Education Allotment

Texas has a healthy growing population, and with that, Texas also has an increasing Limited English Proficient (LEP) population. HB3 has expanded the resources and allotments given to schools with a Bilingual Education population to help serve this growing population. TEA states that Texas provides services to the second largest LEP population in the nation, … Read More

Board Reporting

One of the most important roles of any school board is to establish a vision for the community that encompasses charter quality, high academic results, and the ability to know the demographics of their students and understand their strengths and weaknesses. School board members play an essential role in the big picture and are required to … Read More

Census Block- New Fall PEIMS Data Element

Under HB3, Section 1.028, the Compensatory Education Allotment was modified to establish weighted funding based on the census block in which an economically disadvantaged student resides. Previously, the Compensatory Education Allotment was a single multiplier for each student that was considered Economically Disadvantaged. With these changes the Compensatory Education Allotment will now be a tiered … Read More

Calculating Charter FIRST

Charter FIRST is the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) Texas Education Code 39.082  This rating system (originally known as School FIRST) was implemented for charter schools during the 2008-09 school year as a ways and means of monitoring their financial accountability. It has evolved significantly over the years to include solvency indicators and … Read More

HB3 Update: Dyslexia Allotment

HB3 introduced the Dyslexia Allotment to be available for the 2019-2020 school year. Dyslexia is comprised of two primary components: Decoding and Language Comprehension which equate to a person’s reading comprehension ability. TEA has stated that 80% of students who read below grade level demonstrate decoding or word reading weaknesses often attributed to Dyslexia. The … Read More

HB3 Update: Charter School Funding

Most of your campuses are in full swing this time of year; staff developments have been completed, cafeterias are full during the lunch hours and classes full of activity. The days continue as they normally would, while the back office deciphers HB3 to make sure that all changes, compliance rules, and funding guidelines are met. … Read More