Jackie Hernandez

Melissa Ball

Jackie Hernandez, Co-Owner and Chief Financial Officer of Charter School Success oversees the finance teams in all capacities as well as managing the company.  A graduate of Texas A&M University, and with 18 years of finance experience in non-profit and for-profit entities, Jackie comes with a wealth of knowledge in financial foresight and understanding in business operations. Her knowledge and experience span a variety of industries and revenue models. She has managed organizations with annual revenues ranging between one and a half and forty-five million dollars; with staff sizes ranging between 24 and 1,400 employees. Doing so has allowed her the opportunity to gain an understanding and background in HR and Risk Management matters, as well as understanding their finance nuances. She takes pride in ensuring all clients are happy and satisfied with CSS services. To achieve this, she provides support, feedback and reports to her team and clients daily.