Random Validations for Federal Program Compliance – Phase 2

Phase I of random validations for federal program compliance monitoring ended on Oct 23rd. If you dodged that bullet (yee haw!), take heed — there is another round that begins Nov 28! For charters, this mainly concerns two areas of compliance: the Unsafe School Choice Option (USCO) and the Title I Ed Flex waiver. CSS … Read More

Official Notification of the 2022–2023 Release of Final FIRST Ratings

News from TEA AUSTIN, Texas – November 6, 2023 – The Texas Education Agency (TEA) today released final financial accountability ratings for Texas public school systems. 88 percent received an ‘A’ or Superior Achievement rating for 2022-2023, exemplifying high-quality financial management practices. Established in 2001 by the 77th Texas Legislature, the School Financial Integrity Rating … Read More

What is Required for Submission of the Charter School Certification of Fingerprinting Compliance?

It’s time for your charter school to complete the Annual Fingerprinting Certification and Statement of Compliance, due to TEA by December 8, 2023. Background Information The 2007 Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 9 requiring fingerprint-based criminal background reviews for certain school employees in Texas Public schools. Senate Bill 9 is codified in Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter … Read More