Required Internet Postings for Texas Charters

Charter schools that have websites are required by state law to post certain information on their site. If a charter fails to post the information, it can result in the charter’s mandatory revocation or restructuring of the charter holder’s governing board. Additionally, as recipients of federal funds, charters are also required by federal law and … Read More

Silent Panic Alert Technology (SPAT) Grant – Due Dec 12, 2022

Your school may have previously benefitted from the School Safety and Security grant that the State issued in an effort to prevent school violence. More safety funding is being made available with the SPAT Grant being due in the very near future. The SPAT grant is to purchase silent alert technology, and to be honest, … Read More

LASO Grant – Learning Acceleration Support Opportunities

Ready to “round up” some new funding? The latest release of post-COVID funding is called LASO (aka TCLAS II), and CSS is here to be your partner as we wrestle up all the dirt on this new grant that is due December 22, 2022. Preliminary training for LASO has already happened in October (don’t worry, … Read More

The Fingerprinting Process – Employee and Contractors

Do you ever feel like saying “Help! How do I stay in compliance with fingerprinting and background check requirements for my employees and contractors?” Especially with the recent related changes, we’re here to help answer some of your most frequently asked fingerprinting questions. Click here to register now for HR Compliance Tasks online course for … Read More