Special Education Fiscal Compliance Survey due November 6

The Special Education Fiscal Compliance Survey is due November 6, and must be completed by all Charters who receive IDEA B funds whether you receive SHARS funding or not.  In the past, this report was only for SHARS participants; however, this year, the State is collecting data regarding 2019-20 expenditures in program intent code PIC … Read More

Required Internet Postings for Texas Charters

Charter schools that have websites are required by state law to post certain information on their site. If a charter fails to post the information, it can result in the charter’s mandatory revocation or restructuring of the charter holder’s governing board. Additionally, as recipients of federal funds, charters are also required by federal law and … Read More

Budget Timelines and Amendments

What is the role and purpose of the school budget?  The charter school budget—and accompanying process—provides charters and their leaders with an opportunity to justify the collection and expenditure of public funds. In its most simple definition, a school budget describes a charter’s plan for the upcoming year as related to anticipated revenues and expenditures. … Read More

Navigating Employee Separation

Employee separation is a sensitive issue for any charter school.  Whether the separation results from voluntary or involuntary reasons, preventable or cultural clashes, or any other reason, the experience may cause hardships to all involved.  Regardless of the reason, the separation of employees from an organization requires a great deal of sensitivity, empathy, discretion and … Read More