Required Texas and Federal Posters for Charter Schools

Did you know that it is required that certain literature be prominently displayed in an area that your employees are likely to easily see it? The Texas Workforce Commission has established a great website for workplace compliance posters. This website will also take you to the Federal U.S. Department of Labor website for more information. The … Read More

Six Need-to-Know Virtual Onboarding Tips

Virtual onboarding! Do those words scare you? Some charter schools have transitioned to remote work, making virtual onboarding of new hires a necessity. Are you ready? Is this your first time planning a virtual onboarding experience? How can you make a virtual onboarding experience effective? What do you need to know? Why is the onboarding … Read More

Updated State Aid Template available from TEA

The Charter School 2020-2021 State Aid Template is NOW AVAILABLE on the Texas Education Agency website! Over the last several months, Charter School Success has been working with our client charters to help develop their 2020-2021 budget, using the 2019-2020 State Aid Template information and calculations. Now that the 2020-2021 Estimate of State Aid Template … Read More