The Charter Student Admission Application- Application vs. Enrollment

Has your district started the student application process for the next school year?  If so, it is important to remember that applications and enrollments are two separate and distinct processes in which different information is gathered. Did you know that there is a new Charter Student Admission Application that must be used during your district’s application … Read More

National School Lunch Program

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is an extensive, federally assisted meal program meant to provide nutritionally balanced meals to school children of need throughout the nation. In FY 2019, schools served over 4.8 billion lunches to children nationwide. The NSLP fed more than 30 million students. At the federal level, the program is administered … Read More

Using Letters of Reasonable Assurance

Are your unemployment claims costs mounting? What can you do to drive these costs down? Anything? Yes! Annually, you can issue a Letter of Reasonable Assurance to employees to significantly reduce the charter’s unemployment claim costs. What is a Letter of Reasonable Assurance? A Letter of Reasonable Assurance is a written agreement from the school … Read More

Fiscal Policies

Operating a Charter School is engaging for administrators but can also be very rewarding on many levels. It is also serious business. Charter Schools should have internal controls in place to provide reasonable assurance that their goals and objectives are accomplished. Internal control is all the policies and procedures management use to achieve the following: … Read More