Critical Conversations

What makes a conversation critical? As a school leader, you are faced with many critical conversations, and likely at least one every day. Approaching a critical conversation is a delicate matter that takes planning and thought. Have you ever considered, what are the common factors that all of these sensitive, yet necessary discussions share? First, … Read More

Budget Amendments

When do you need a Budget Amendment? During the fiscal year of a charter school, the school’s board may need to amend the school charter approved budget to reflect changes in operations, the educational programs, demographics, or enrollment since the beginning of school. Budget amendments are an essential part of the budgetary process and are … Read More

Best Practices for Employee Onboarding

Today’s Tip offers timely, useful guidance in the hiring process. Are you busy trying to fill positions for the 2020-2021 school year? What do you need to know? What does your new hire process look like? Not sure what you need or where to start? CSS is here to help! We can unload your plate … Read More