The Budget Process

One important purpose of budgeting is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for every student in an educational institution. Budgets should also reflect the administration’s ability to manage the financial affairs of the school. A budget is an outline of educational programs and services with costs affixed to specific purposes to effectively direct the … Read More

Onboarding to Bring Out the Best in My New Hires

Hiring the right team member is vital to the success of your organization and your students, and how you welcome and onboard your new hire is a critical component to ensuring their success and retention. Having a solid plan in place for HOW to onboard your new hire is as important as hiring them in … Read More

Open Enrollment Charter School – Application vs. Enrollment

Has your district started the student application process for the next school year?  If so, it is important to remember that applications and enrollments are two separate and distinct processes in which different information is gathered. What should occur during the Application Period? During the application period schools should only ask for basic student information. This application is typically … Read More