District Accreditation

Accreditation is another word for credible. Most LEAs don’t think about their accreditation status unless it’s in jeopardy, but it is extremely important. Without proper accreditation from the State, a charter district can no longer be recognized by the State and forced to close. With the current accountability system, an LEA can have their accreditation … Read More

Special Program Intent Code (PIC) Allotments

Program Intent Codes (PIC codes) are a critical part of budgeting, and it is good to be “PIC-y” and “PIC” the right one! Reporting expenses by PIC shows the State that you are spending funds intended for certain programs on the correct student groups. This in turn should improve services and student achievement of those … Read More

Full-Day Prekindergarten Waiver

Do your schools currently offer half-day prekindergarten (PK)? Are you aware that full-day PK for eligible four-year-olds was required starting in 2019-20? If your Charter District currently offers a half-day program, an exemption (waiver) must be submitted by March 2, 2020. Several steps must be completed prior to applying for this waiver, and CSS has … Read More

Financial Management

Financial management means applying general management principles to financial resources of the Charter. This encompasses planning, organizing, budgeting, directing and controlling the financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds. Charter School Success assists our clients with Budget, Month End Reporting, and Audit Preparation. Our finance experts are also here to help with Accounting and Bookkeeping, Purchasing, Accounts Payable and more! … Read More