Download this free Commonly Used Acronym Cheat Sheet

Any person involved in charter school operations knows that the world of acronyms brings a strong game to the table!  Even for those of us with of years of experience in the school world, keeping up with these acronyms can have a dizzying affect. For those of us who are new in our charter school … Read More

Certification Requirements for Charter School Teachers

In many ways, ISDs and Charter schools share common requirements and compliance items. However, in just as many ways, requirements between the two entity types differ. The realm of teacher certifications brings one of these differences to the forefront. Are teachers at open-enrollment charter schools required to hold a certification? The short answer is, it … Read More

Service Records

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the “must-knows” and “must-dos” of service records? Don’t be! We’ll review frequently asked questions and provide helpful tools that will guide you to success. What is a service record? A service record is the official document used to record years of service claimed for salary increment purposes. Service records … Read More

Time to file Quarter 4 941 reports

It’s time to file your final 941 Quarterly Payroll Reporting to the Internal Revenue Service and report wages to the Texas Workforce Commission for the previous calendar year. Quarter 4 941 forms are due JANUARY 31, 2020. What is a 941? IRS Form 941 is a quarterly report of wages paid to employees and the … Read More

Do Not Hire Registry

To enhance efforts for protection and welfare of Texas students, House Bill 3 (HB3, Article 2A) brought us new HR reporting requirements, one of which was the charge for TEA to create and maintain a new internet portal, a “Do Not Hire Registry.”  The purpose of this registry is to list persons (certified and non-certified) who … Read More