Risk Management

Risk management is a critical charge that school leaders must proactively address. From the Board to the Superintendent, to the central administration and campus leaders, we all play a part in effectively managing the risks at our schools. What is Risk Management? Risk Management is defined as the identification, assessment, control, and avoidance, minimization, or … Read More


Attendance is much more that a teacher counting a student present in class at the official attendance snapshot time. Proper coding is vital to ensure that your district receives the funding that it deserves! Everyone in your district works hard to educate and support your students and it is important that your district does not … Read More

UID Assignment and Enrollment Tracking

Did you know that all districts are responsible for submitting weekly Unique ID enrollment tracking event files to TEA through the Texas Student Data System application in TEAL? But first, a Unique ID number (UID) must be assigned to all students in your district to ensure they are included in your enrollment tracking file. It … Read More

Summer PEIMS

It is incredibly important that your Student Information System (SIS) Calendar accurately reflects what occurred in your district each day! In order to receive full ADA funding each of your campus calendars must include at least 75,600 operational minutes, including all applicable waivers. Operational minutes include all daily minutes from the start of student instruction … Read More

ESSER III – American Rescue Plan Funding 2020-23

ESSER III is bigger and better than its prequel ESSER I, but the critics say the sequel is packed with much more red tape. CSS has been busy attending numerous TEA trainings in preparation for the debut of ESSER III, and today’s article will summarize all the requirements of this blockbuster. The prep time will … Read More

Understanding the difference between Movers, Leavers and Dropouts

School districts report data on the students they served, in grades 7-12, during the prior school year, even if the student was only enrolled for only one day!  Leaver records are submitted for students who left the district before the end of the school year, did not return in the same year, or did not … Read More

When to Amend Federal Grants

As the year winds down, so does the period of availability of your federal grant funds. Now is a good time to review your federal grants to make sure the remaining funds are budgeted where you need them to finish out the year. You may find that summer plans have changed, an added expense is … Read More

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

It’s that time of year again!  Time to begin planning for the upcoming school year.  Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across the state are currently working with their campuses on planning for the 2021-2022 school year.  To begin this process, campuses must first look at where they are now and use that as a guide to … Read More

PEIMS: Who, What, Where, When and Why

Why is PEIMS Accuracy Important? The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) consists of four mandatory yearly data submissions. These submissions encompass all data requested and received by TEA about public education for all school districts in the state of Texas. Confirming the accuracy of your district’s PEIMS data is critical to ensuring that you … Read More