Summer PEIMS

It is incredibly important that your Student Information System (SIS) Calendar accurately reflects what occurred in your district each day! In order to receive full ADA funding each of your campus calendars must include at least 75,600 operational minutes, including all applicable waivers. Operational minutes include all daily minutes from the start of student instruction … Read More

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

It’s that time of year again!  Time to begin planning for the upcoming school year.  Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across the state are currently working with their campuses on planning for the 2024-2025 school year.  To begin this process, campuses must first look at where they are now and use that as a guide to … Read More

Special Program Student Coding

Did you know that some of the special programs you offer in your district have a weighted ADA funding for the students enrolled in that program? This means more money for the services you are providing your students! With that weighted funding comes the potential for additional TEA scrutiny. Each special program that your district … Read More

EDGAR Part 1: Administrative Procedures

No doubt, Federal grant funds can provide great benefits for your students. From additional interventions to added technology, the possibilities are many, but programs funded by the USDE-issued grants such as Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and IDEA-B are regulated by many rules that can be difficult to understand. As a savvy administrator, you want … Read More

Special Education Timeline Rule Change for Transfer Students

Have you enrolled any new special education transfer students this year? If so, this information is for you! TEA recently implemented a rule change that addresses a district’s obligations when enrolling a student receiving special education services who has transferred to your district from another Texas district, from out of state, or over the summer … Read More

The Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

As a Charter School District, our number one goal is to offer students a safe, happy and healthy place to learn and grow as individuals. All students are different, and it is important that each district meets their individual needs, often by offering different special programs and learning opportunities. Each special program offered by your … Read More

Make the PEIMS process easier by using the XML Validation Tool

Have you ever waited for hours to process your PEIMS file through TSDS only to find that you have errors you need to research and work through? Then, to make matters worse, you have to do the same long process again just to see if you corrected the error. If so, The XML Validation Tool … Read More

EDGAR Allowable Costs and Procurement

In order to run a school system, you have to make purchases. There is a great deal of responsibility involved to make sure funding intended for the students is regulated with care. An added layer of review is necessary when these purchases involve federal grant funds. Some charter districts are a one-man or two-man operation, … Read More

Using the Master Schedule to Maximize Funding

Whenever you think about maximizing ADA funding for a school district, you most likely think about proper coding of student attendance, student eligibility codes, and ensuring your students attend school for as many school days as possible. Do you ever think about the impact that your Master Schedule had on your ADA funding? Some of … Read More

Collaborative Comprehensive Needs Assessment for 2023-24 (CCNA)

While you were relaxing during Spring Break, you might have had thoughts about next year pop in your head, and hopefully you set them aside until this week! Now is the time to start writing down your ideas because it is almost time to start the needs assessment process that is required before you can … Read More