Random Validations Begin – Title I, II, and IV

It is highly doubtful you are raising your hand shouting “pick me” for random validation of your federal program compliance. Face it, it’s not like winning the lotto! You can rest easy that if you are selected, you do have time and assistance to prepare. Read on to find out what the random validations will … Read More

Title I, Part A Paraprofessional Requirements

Clarity. Having a clear understanding of the often-murky waters of Title I regulations is a good thing! The Federal Program Compliance Division at TEA has recently posted updated guidance on the requirements for paraprofessional positions funded fully or in part by Title I, Part A federal grants. If you have any paraprofessionals, you will want … Read More

Title III Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Requirements

What unique activities and events is your Charter District providing to the families of your English language learner (EL) students? You might be offering a literacy night, for example, but if it is for all families and does not provide anything specific to EL families, it would not fulfill the requirements of Title III funding. … Read More

Random Validations – Title IV, Part A

This is the third in a series of program checkups. Click here for the first article on Title I, Part A, and click here for the second review on Title II, Part A. Collaboration and planning are key in ESSA program compliance, and Title IV is very similar to Title II regarding documenting your stakeholder … Read More

Completing the Semi-Annual Certification for Federally Funded Staff

If you are paying all or part of a qualified campus-based staff position from a Federal grant or State Compensatory Education (SCE) funds, then it is time to complete the Semi-Annual Certification form for the first semester. The purpose of the Semi-Annual Certification is for the employee and supervisor to attest that the work performed that semester was … Read More

Program Checkup – Title II, Part A

This is the second in a series of program checkups. Click here for the first article on Title I, Part A. New Year’s is a time to get healthy, so why not take a look at the health of your LEA’s federal programs? CSS continues its series of program checkups regarding federal program requirements with … Read More

Title I Parent & Family Engagement Random Validations

This is the fourth in a series of tips on TEA random validations for ESSA. The random validation calendar is winding down for 2019-20 with the last relevant validation being the Title I Parent & Family Engagement (PFE) Written Policy validation. Today’s TIP is related to one previously published by CSS on November 20, 2019 … Read More

Random Validations – Title IV, Part A

This is the third in a series of tips. Title IV (Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant) is the newest program among the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) grants, and it has the least amount of information available about how it will be validated. Of all the validations, this one might be the most problematic. … Read More