Campus Improvement Plan or Charter Instructional Plan

Would you travel to a destination without a plan or a road map? Probably not. And just like a road map, your Campus Improvement Plan or Charter Instructional Plan (CIP) provides your team with a pathway to define your goals, create evidence-based strategies to target the goals, and determine how they will be monitored and … Read More

Travel Pay from Federal Grant Funds

Summer is often the ideal time for professional development! If you are considering funding travel for PD out of federal grant funds, please read today’s article to refresh or familiarize yourself with the rules for travel out of federal grants. Despite the fact that gas prices are higher than Mt. Kiliminjaro, TEA has not changed … Read More

Title I Paraprofessional Requirements

It’s hiring season! As you look to acquire new talent, please be aware of the qualifications that Title I-funded instructional paraprofessionals must possess. The “highly qualified” requirements for Title I instructional paraprofessionals were retained when NCLB was reauthorized as ESSA, and TEA has forms to complete when hiring Title I instructional paraprofessionals. Today’s article will … Read More

Federal End of Year Activities for Charter Districts

Grab your favorite check-off pen and get started on the required end of year activities to close out current federal grants and get ready for next year! Charter School Success has developed a list of Federal Grants and State Comp Ed activities important to Texas Charter Schools.  The purpose of this document is to keep … Read More

ESSA Required Meetings for 2022-23

A few weeks ago, CSS published an article about the Collaborative Comprehensive Needs Assessment. Today’s article is closely related to this topic as it involves preparations for next year’s federal grants. The focus for this week will be the end of year meetings that are required for ESSA so that you can plan your grants … Read More

District Accreditation Status for 2021-22

Accreditation ratings are on hold once again for 2021-22 due to the unique challenges faced by schools the past year. On January 20, 2022, TEA issued a  memo that accreditation statuses will not be issued again this year. All LEAs will be rated “Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster.” Furthermore, TEA will suspend the assignments … Read More

Indirect Cost Rate Request for 2022-23

Money! Now that we have your attention, did you know you can claim indirect costs on your federal grant awards and keep the money no strings attached? To do so, Charter Districts must first request an indirect cost rate, and today’s article is about how to go about obtaining one. Indirect Costs are the costs … Read More

Need-to-Knows about State and Federal Report Cards

Update: CSS is reprinting this Tip due to the release of the State School Report Cards on February 3, 2022. Students aren’t the only ones to get report cards! This spring, your grades are out, and it’s time to complete reporting requirements. Please be aware that the Texas Education Agency produces TWO types of report … Read More

Mid-Year Federal Grants Review (ESSA & IDEA-B)

Now that you’re about halfway through the year, it’s a good time to stop and check on your progress.  One way to do this is by conducting a mid-year review. The purpose of the mid-year review is to give you an opportunity to see if you are still on track with the planned expenditures; if … Read More