UID Assignment and Enrollment Tracking

Did you know that all districts are responsible for submitting weekly Unique ID enrollment tracking event files to TEA through the Texas Student Data System application in TEAL? But first, a Unique ID number (UID) must be assigned to all students in your district to ensure they are included in your enrollment tracking file. It … Read More

Open Enrollment Charter School – Application vs. Enrollment

Has your district started the student application process for the next school year?  If so, it is important to remember that applications and enrollments are two separate and distinct processes in which different information is gathered. What should occur during the Application Period? During the application period schools should only ask for basic student information. This application is typically … Read More

The connection between PEIMS and Accountability

Without PEIMS it would be very difficult to calculate Accountability! A vast majority of the data used to determine a district’s accountability is pulled directly from your four mandatory PEIMS submissions each year. PEIMS data directly affects not only your district’s accountability but also your funding and compliance systems. Confirming the accuracy of your district’s … Read More

Prekindergarten: Qualifications, Documentation & PEIMS Coding

Prekindergarten programs are different and more complex than the other grade levels offered in your district. To receive ADA funding for the students in your PK program there are specific age requirements and qualification criteria that must be met. Once you register a student for your PK program, they become subject to compulsory attendance until … Read More