District Improvement Planning (DIP) for Charter Districts

You have heard the expression “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” and when it comes to school improvement, this is certainly the case. Having a well-designed DIP can help your organization have focus and reach its goals, but in some cases, it is also required by law. According to the federal law, … Read More

Campus Improvement Plan or Charter Instructional Plan

Would you travel to a destination without a road map? Probably not. And just like a road map, your Campus Improvement Plan or Charter Instructional Plan (CIP) provides your team with a pathway to define your goals, create evidence-based strategies to target the goals, and determine how they will be monitored and evaluated. Once you … Read More

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

It’s that time of year again!  Time to begin planning for the upcoming school year.  Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across the state are currently working with their campuses on planning for the 2021-2022 school year.  To begin this process, campuses must first look at where they are now and use that as a guide to … Read More

Are Program Evaluations necessary?

If you are a Charter School who either accepts Title I Schoolwide ESSA funds or receives State Compensatory Funding, then the answer is yes, they are required. At Charter School Success we have the expertise to help you! For ESSA funding: Title I regulations REQUIRE that a school operating a schoolwide program must: Evaluate the … Read More

When to Amend your Federal Grants

When should I amend my grant? An amendment may be generated for several reasons but may only be submitted after the grant has been awarded.  The following steps will guide you as to determining if you need to create one. Reasons to Amend: When carryover funds are available or in order to add the final … Read More