Temporary Flexibility on I-9 and Notarization Requirements

Due to ever changing circumstances surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19, the Department of Homeland Security and Governor Greg Abbott announce temporary flexibility on I-9 compliance requirements and personal appearances to notary publics. Form I-9 Compliance The DHS announced that it will exercise discretion to defer the physical presence requirements associated with Employment Eligibility Verification (Form … Read More

The Fingerprinting Process

Do you ever feel like saying “Help! What do I need to know about fingerprinting requirements and the process to stay in compliance?” We’re here to help answer some of your most frequently asked fingerprinting questions. Where can I find background information about fingerprinting? The 2007 Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 9 requiring fingerprint-based criminal background reviews … Read More

The Importance of a Strong Mission, Vision, and Values

What makes a charter school?  Why do they exist?  Why do we need them when there is an ISD where these kids could attend? Well, there is no easy answer to these questions. Each charter school is unique, born of a dream and purpose to meet an identified need not yet being met in its … Read More

What Types of Loan Forgiveness Programs Are Available for Teachers?

Did you know that many teachers in our Texas charter schools qualify for thousands of dollars of student loan debt forgiveness?  This could make a HUGE difference in the lives of your teachers! Today’s Tip covers five student loan forgiveness programs available to Texas teachers, based on specific circumstances and qualifiers. Read below to find out … Read More

Misconduct Reporting Portal

The 86th Legislative Session in 2019 passed House Bill 3, which was passed to further protect the safety and welfare of Texas students in several ways, one of those being now requiring schools to report certain allegations of misconduct against non-certified employees. Under TEC §21.006 and Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §249.14, school leaders have been … Read More

Certification Requirements for Charter School Teachers

In many ways, ISDs and Charter schools share common requirements and compliance items. However, in just as many ways, requirements between the two entity types differ. The realm of teacher certifications brings one of these differences to the forefront. Are teachers at open-enrollment charter schools required to hold a certification? The short answer is, it … Read More

Independent Contractor or Employee?

As we encounter the end of one year and the beginning of another, many year-end accounting tasks are upon us, including the issuance of W2s and 1099s to those who have performed work for us during 2019.  To determine who needs to get which type of tax form, we must be able to properly classify … Read More

Service Records

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the “must-knows” and “must-dos” of service records? Don’t be! We’ll review frequently asked questions and provide helpful tools that will guide you to success. What is a service record? A service record is the official document used to record years of service claimed for salary increment purposes. Service records … Read More

Do Not Hire Registry

To enhance efforts for protection and welfare of Texas students, House Bill 3 (HB3, Article 2A) brought us new HR reporting requirements, one of which was the charge for TEA to create and maintain a new internet portal, a “Do Not Hire Registry.”  The purpose of this registry is to list persons (certified and non-certified) who … Read More

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Charter HR Professional?

Today’s HR Tip is an interview with an HR Expert – Charter School Success’s very own Jordan Elliott. Read below for Jordan’s valuable insights from her career as an HR professional. How did you get into the field of HR in education? My real love for HR evolved while I was serving as Superintendent of … Read More