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New Superintendent Course Plan

The New Superintendent Course Plan includes 24 recommended online courses that meet the TEA training requirements for a new superintendent:

  • Charter Leadership: Mission, Vision, and Values
  • HR 101: Charter-Wide HR
  • Charter School Board and Administration Roles and Responsibilities
  • Financial Management Overview
  • Budget Reporting
  • Budget Planning
  • Board Reporting
  • PEIMS Data Quality
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency and Disaster Planning
  • PEIMS Who, What, Where and Why
  • Calculating Charter FIRST
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)
  • Grants Management
  • Campus Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance Management Overview
  • Evaluations: Providing Purposeful and Meaningful Feedback
  • Strategic Planning
  • Open Meetings
  • Records Management
  • Public Information Act
  • PEIMS ADA Funding
  • Budget Staffing


CSS Online Course: