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Emergency and Disaster Planning Online Course


At the completion of this session, attendees will have assessed their top priority for disaster planning and have the tools to implement procedures regarding this. Emergency and disaster planning may never seem to hit the top of the to-do list. How big are the consequences if it never is addressed? This webinar will provide a method to assess what disasters are most likely for your particular schools. You will create a priority of scenarios that are the most likely and highest risk. This webinar will address the internal and external planning necessary for those scenarios. We will provide tabletop drills and communication plans. The major components of a disaster plan and how to address them will be covered.

Credit Information

Charter School Success (CSS) provides Continuing Education units for TEA, TASBO, and CPA certification in conjunction with their ongoing professional guidelines.

  • 90 TEA minutes in Health & Safety
  • 1.5 TASBO CPE credits
  • 1.5 CPA CPE credits in Other
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