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EDGAR and Allowable Cost Online Course


What is the process your charter team uses to determine whether a cost is allowable for a federal grant? Is there a systematic procedure in place? Is it written down? Do all stakeholders understand and follow the procedures? The new EDGAR requires all school districts and charters to have in place a written procedure for determining allowable cost. The procedures should be in place and followed for all costs charged to federal grants. This webinar will assist you in understanding the new requirement, its specific impact on charters and assist you in the process of defining best practices when determining allowable cost.

Credit Information

Charter School Success (CSS) provides Continuing Education units for TEA, TASBO, and CPA certification in conjunction with their ongoing professional guidelines.

  • 60 TEA minutes in Accountability (Public Funds)
  • 1.0 TASBO CPE credits
  • 1.0 CPA CPE credits in Accounting
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