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Charter School Business Officer Certification Course Plan- PEIMS Specialty (CSBOC, PEIMS)

In this course bundle, we have selected electives for you that are PEIMS-focused. This bundle is perfect for PEIMS Directors and personnel. 

Charter school business officers are required to help their charters meet rigorous educational objectives by maximizing the amount and effectiveness of the charter's financial resources.  CSBOC graduates are experts on maximizing funds and providing for a well-funded, high quality education. The Charter School Business Officer Certification (CSBOC) program will enable you to master the competencies needed by every Charter School Business Official to successfully run the “business” of charter schools. The program's 5 focus areas, as well as the required number of courses to be taken in each area are listed below:

Why CSBOC certification?

The majority of charter school failures are financial, not academic. That's why it's critical that charter schools have a well-trained, competent business officer with a qualified skill set who can handle all the compliance issues, state and federal guidelines, and reporting deadlines. With this program, you are guaranteed to receive only the information pertinent to you and your charter school, saving you both time and money.

How to Become Certified

This self-paced certification can easily fit into your busy schedule. The program consists of 40 courses that are spread across each of the five CSBOC content areas. CSBOC students have 24 months to complete the requirements. Once your certification is completed, 10 courses are required annually to keep your certification current. New courses are added to our course listing each year, so there will always be something new to learn.

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