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Charter Leadership: Mission, Vision, and Values Online Course


Every Texas Charter School has a mission and vision. The state granted the charter and any amendments (this is the contract between the school and the state) to the school with the ongoing expectation that the charter school is carrying these out. Can your staff easily articulate the mission and vision of the school? Are all policies, procedures, curriculum, staffing and all operations supporting the charter mission and vision? When do you need to amend the charter with the state? This session will provide tools, insights and best practices to help ensure the charter mission and vision are fully integrated to all aspects of the charter operations. A review of the charter, mission and vision are step one in completing a Comprehensive Needs Assessment and Quality Framework.

Credit Information

Charter School Success (CSS) provides Continuing Education units for TEA, TASBO, and CPA certification in conjunction with their ongoing professional guidelines.

  • 90 TEA minutes in School Law
  • 1.5 TASBO CPE credits
  • 1.5 CPA CPE credits in Management Advisory
CSS Online Course: