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Budget Timeline and Amendments Online Course


The purpose of a school budget is straightforward — to create and implement a financial plan, which will support appropriate funding for all programs benefiting the students.  The Texas Education Agency requires that the preparation, the Board review and the approval process for a charter’s annual budget must be conducted and completed prior to the commencement of each new fiscal year.  A budget cycle is the life of a budget from creation or preparation to evaluations and amendments.  Even though the budget process may look different from charter to charter, there is still a process, and each goes through cycles or phases.  Please join us as Charter School Success presents a more detailed webinar on Budget Timelines and Amendments.

Credit Information

Charter School Success (CSS) provides Continuing Education units for TEA and TASBO certification  in conjunction with their ongoing professional guidelines.

  • 90 TEA minutes in School Finance
  • 1.5 TASBO CPE credit
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