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Budget Staffing Online Course


There is nothing especially surprising about the amount that Charters’ spend on salaries and benefits.  After all, student success is at the core of the work that Charters’ do, and all employees are responsible for that success every day.   All Charters use their staffing budget to describe the programs and student success plans for the upcoming year.  This webinar will familiarize you with an understanding of the personnel budget process, give basic personnel expense information, discuss several personnel budgeting challenges that a charter might face and address managing attrition and hiring.  It will also provide information on charter staffing goals, budget staffing steps and go through a plan for a staffing analysis.

Credit Information

Charter School Success (CSS) provides Continuing Education units for TEA, TASBO, and CPA certification in conjunction with their ongoing professional guidelines.
  • 90 TEA minutes in School Finance
  • 1.5 TASBO CPE credit
  • 1.5 CPA CPE credit in Finance
CSS Online Course: