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Annual Financial Report and Submission Online Course


The Annual Financial Report (AFR), commonly referred to as the Audit, is the single most critical financial document to all Texas Charter Schools. The review and submittal of the AFR and the associated Worksheet are the major driving factor to your financial rating, Charter FIRST.

Participants at the conclusion of this webinar will understand how the audit and the worksheet are used by TEA, as well as be able to:

  • Tick and tie the numbers in their audit across schedules to ensure accurate reporting
  • Know where to find and how to complete the Audit Worksheet for submittal; and
  • Know how to submit the actual financial audit and management letter to TEA.

Credit Information

Charter School Success (CSS) provides Continuing Education units for TEA, TASBO, and CPA certification  in conjunction with their ongoing professional guidelines.

  • 60 TEA minutes in School Finance
  • 1 TASBO CPE credit
  • 1 CAP CPE credit in Other
CSS Online Course: