Coming Soon! IDEA -ARP Funding for Special Ed

Coming Soon! IDEA -ARP Funding for Special Ed

December 13, 2021 | Grants Management

We hope you like some twist in your peppermint this holiday season, because this news is going to be different! Coming in “mid December” is the release of the IDEA -B Formula ARP funding along with the same for IDEA-B Preschool ARP funding. You are accustomed to getting normal IDEA increases and carryover this time of year, but this year TEA is adding the American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding into the wintery mix with an entirely new process. By adding the ARP funds to the existing IDEA-B grant through an amendment, they are avoiding an entirely new and separate grant application for the ARP funds. Please continue reading about the new steps that will be required and be watching for the release which may or may not come before your winter break.

The CSS Federal team assists our clients with planning and preparation of the IDEA-B ARP funding amendment along with all federal COVID funding programs.

What funds are being released?

The ARP funding that is being added to the current IDEA-B grant will provide additional funding for special education services that may have been impacted by the pandemic. Instead of applying for the IDEA-B ARP funding separately, it will be included in the same application as the regular IDEA-B funds for which you have already applied. The funds will be obtained through an amendment process. In addition, all of the regular IDEA increases with final amounts and carry over will be included.

TEA will release the following funds in mid-December 2021:

  • IDEA-B Formula-ARP
  • IDEA-B Preschool-ARP
  • 2021-2022 IDEA-B Formula final amounts
  • 2021-2022 IDEA-B Preschool final amounts
  • 2020-2021 IDEA-B Formula carryover funds
  • 2020-2021 IDEA-B Preschool carryover funds

What is different with this IDEA amendment process?

A new ADC (application designation certification) will have to be certified and submitted in eGrants to either accept or decline the IDEA-B ARP funds. Once you complete the new ADC, it will start an amendment to add the program and budget schedules for the ARP funds AND the additional funds listed above. You will not be able to change the selections from the ADC you submitted earlier this year for your regular IDEA funds. You will only be able to apply on your own, as part of a shared service group, or not apply at all for the IDEA-B ARP funds.

To view how much IDEA-B ARP funding your charter district will receive, please click here to visit the entitlements page. To be clear, even if you do not want the IDEA-B ARP funds, the new ADC will be required and an amendment must be done for the regular IDEA-B final amounts and carry over.

What else do I need to know?

CSS expects the allowable uses for the IDEA-B ARP funds to be the same as IDEA-B funds, but it is particularly intended for the costs for providing services included in the IEP that are impacted by the COVID crisis. For example, there might be costs for services that had to be provided at home or virtually in response to the pandemic.

At the time of this publication, a deadline for completing the amendment has not been communicated by TEA. CSS expects a deadline for the new ADC to be established so that TEA knows who intends to apply for the ARP funds as soon as possible. We also know TEA is aware of the date most districts leave for break, so be on the lookout for something this week.

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