Fall PEIMS TSDS Reports

Fall PEIMS TSDS Reports

December 10 | PEIMS & Data Management

The Fall PEIMS Resubmission TEA deadline — January 14th, 2021 — is fast approaching! Fall PEIMS data represents the state of your district as of the Fall Snapshot date (the last Friday in October). The Fall PEIMS submission is a large data submission that includes information on all students enrolled in your district on Snapshot date, the staff members employed by your district on Snapshot date, your current year budget data and your prior year student leavers (grades 7-12). Now that you have finalized your original Fall PEIMS submission how can you ensure that your submission is an accurate representation of the students and staff members in your district? The best way to ensure accurate submission data is to have the appropriate personnel in your district review their TSDS reports. Fall PEIMS data directly affects your district’s finances and accountability making it crucial that your district has reviewed all TSDS reports to ensure the accuracy of your submission!

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Submitting Accurate, Correct and Valid Data

When coding data in your Student and Business systems and working on Fall PEIMS you should ask yourself, is my district reporting an accurate representation of data through the use of proper coding and following TEA guidelines such as the Texas Education Data Standards and the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook?

  • Accuracy refers to reporting data that as an accurate representation of your district. This is applicable for your student, staff and budget data
  • Correctness refers to reporting the data using the correct coding and following TEA guidelines including sufficient documentation to support the coding. PEIMS coding details can be found at Texas Education Data Standards | TSDS (texasstudentdatasystem.org).
  • Validity refers to verifying that the data has maintained its integrity and has not lost its authenticity through clerical errors, transfer errors, etc. PEIMS data goes through a lot of translations and processes prior to being submitted to TEA. It is important that your district ensures that the final data in TSDS is still the correct data!

School districts should implement a plan for submitting data as complete and accurate as possible. Appropriate timelines need to be incorporated to reflect dates and deadlines for each step in the process. Timelines should reflect the dates for collection, reviewing, editing and submitting your PEIMS data. Personnel responsible for different data sets need to be notified in advance regarding their respective responsivities and deadlines. The districts PEIMS coordinator should work closely with district personnel throughout this process to ensure an accurate portrayal of your district in your final submission.

PEIMS Data Elements with Financial and Accountability Impacts

Below is a listing of some of the PEIMS data elements (found in one or more of the 4 yearly PEIMS submissions) that have a financial impact to your district.

  • Enrollment (ADA Eligibility)
  • Attendance
  • Homeless Status
  • Title 1
  • Economically Disadvantaged Coding
  • Dyslexia
  • Census Block Tiers
  • Special Education
  • Prekindergarten
  • Age/Grade level
  • Campus ID of Residence
  • School Calendar
  • Pregnancy Related Services- CEHI
  • At-Risk
  • Career and Technology Education

Below is a listing of some of the PEIMS data elements (found in one or more of the 4 yearly PEIMS submissions) that have Accountability impacts for your district.

  • Student Basic Information
  • Student Enrollment Data
  • Leaver Records
  • Student Basic Attendance
  • Special Education Attendance
  • Course Completion Records
  • Flexible Attendance (if applicable)
  • Graduation Program Data
  • Economically Disadvantaged Codes
  • Limited English Proficiency Data
  • Race and Ethnicity Data
  • Special Education Data- current and former students
  • Continuously and Non- Continuously Enrolled Student data
  • On Ramps Courses
  • Dual Credit
  • Enlistment in the U.S Armed Forces
  • Industry Certifications
  • Students who earned an Associates Degree
  • Students who completed a CTE Coherent Sequence
  • Students who completed a College Prep Course
  • IEP and Workforce Readiness Graduates

Every PEIMS data element, regardless of its financial or accountability impact, is important and is being used for a specific purpose! All TSDS reports should be reviewed by the appropriate personnel in your district and retained for audit purposes.

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