2019-20 ESSA Grant Extension Notice and Implications

2019-20 ESSA Grant Extension Notice and Implications

May 11 | Charter Administration, Grants Management

Today we bring you good news and bad news; however, it will all end up working out in the long run. More time is always a good thing, so let’s start with the good news. TEA received approval from USDE to extend the availability of ESSA 2019-2020 grant funds for an additional year (until 9/30/21)! This is a one-time extension due to the COVID 19 pandemic. What does this mean, and how will it work? CSS is here to sum it up for you.

Good News

  • You can continue to spend 2019-20 ESSA grant funds, pay invoices, and receive orders that were made before the shutdown, now and through next year, until the funds are gone.
  • The statutory roll over limit of 15% for Title I, Part A has been waived. Since there is technically no “roll over,” TEA will not be questioning if you had higher-than-usual unspent amounts in other ESSA funds.

Bad News

  • 2019-20 ESSA Consolidated Grant will remain open for 2020-21. They will NOT carry over unused 2019-20 funds and roll them into the 2020-21 grant as is usually done. This means you will be running two (2) grants simultaneously next year.
  • 2019-20 ESSA funds must be spent first. This means you must draw down all remaining 2019-20 ESSA funds BEFORE you start drawing down 2020-21 grant funds.
  • This does NOT apply to IDEA B (SPED) grant funds or Carl Perkins CTE funds at this time. See Q2 on page 2  here for a list of funds that are included in the extended period of availability.

The CSS Federal and Finance teams will assist our clients with the complications of running two grants simultaneously and ensure the correct funds are used first.

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