Finance Manager

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Position Summary

Charter School Success’ (CSS) mission is to “Help Charter Leaders Succeed”. We do that through providing Business Office Support Services in the areas of Finance, HR, Federal Grants, and PEIMS, as well as offering various training platforms. We operate with compliance as our main outcome objective, doing so while providing unmatched customer service. CSS Finance Managers are the forefront of our financial business office services. They are responsible for overseeing all processing of the financial and accounting transactions of the business office of multiple Texas charter schools in line with the FASRG guidance, the school’s local guidelines, Texas Education Association (TEA), and Federal regulations. CSS offers a full-service business office management experience including the preparation and processing of payroll, accounts payable, month end reconciliation, audit documentation, financial reports, and more using TxEIS, JR3 or another State Sponsored Information Accounting System (IAS) when applicable.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Ongoing Processes

  • Direct and monitor the work of CSS’s Finance Specialist team
  • Ensure CSS policies and procedures are being followed for all types of back-office processing(examples: accounts payable, month end, communication with client, deadlines, etc.)
  • Ensure timeliness of all schedules: internal, client imposed, and regulated by State or other agencies
  • Monitor business and CSS-shared email addresses to ensure client expectations and deadlines are met
  • Manage the Finance Specialist’s day-to-day processing of accounts payable, and month end including answering any questions regarding coding, adherence to federal andnon-federal specific client budgets, and helping to address any client specific needs.
  • Ensure client’s general ledger is maintained
  • Ensure client’s questions are answered and their needs are met in a timely fashion

Monthly Processing

  • Ensure bank accounts are reconciled completely and correctly
  • Review and approve preliminary month-end reports for all clients
  • Perform initial data input for month-end reporting for all clients
  • Perform initial data monthly analysis for all clients
  • Review and/or perform monthly liability reconciliations for all balance sheet accounts
  • Ensure all Teams shared data is up-to-date for all assigned clients
  • Ensure audit documents are updated in the client audit file
  • Prepare and/or approve/post monthly journal entries for all clients
  • Prepare and/or approve/post monthly budget journals
  • Review, input into Expenditure Reporting and send/save to client internal Teams file all applicable federal draws
  • Prepare and/or approve Federal Fund adjustments per the budget in Expenditure reporting to ensure budget in system matches current budget in Expenditure reporting
  • Ensure client system is closed and opened to the applicable accounting periods and fiscal years
  • Review and approve the timesheets submittals of assigned Finance Specialists

Weekly Processing

  • Review and approve periodic accounts payable listing before submission to clients
  • Ensure payroll transactions align with current client-approved coding and accuracy of payroll-related finance posting
  • Ensure weekly accounts payable expenditure adhere to Financial Accountability Systems Resource Guide (“FASRG”), Federal budgets and non-federal specific client budgets.
  • Monitor and ensure adherence to the agreed-upon processing schedules (AP and month end) for all clients.

Quarterly Processing – Assist Payroll Team as Needed

  • Review, approve, and send to client Quarterly Texas Workforce Commission reports
  • Review, approve and send to client Quarterly 941 Tax Return reports
  • Review BIS postings for any payments made during quarterly reporting process

Annual Processing

  • Review and approve annual 1099/1096 reporting
  • Assist Payroll as needed to review annual W-2/W-3 reporting
  • Gather and send 990 Informational Tax Return requested items for client
  • Prepare and send the annual Child Nutrition Financial Management Report
  • Gather and send annual Charter FIRST Financial Management Information for required annual public charter hearing
  • Prepare next year’s client Teams folders
  • Prepare next year’s client trend analysis reporting document and implement any changes for the new reporting year
  • Prepare and /or update and review PEIMS FALL Submission – Finance Budget and Staff
  • Prepare and/or update and review PEIMS Mid-Year Submission – Finance Audit
  • Approval of Open Purchase Order list and client communication of the list. Budget Processing
  • Initial preparation of the PrePlanning Budget for assigned clients
  • Preparation of Budget Tool for client meeting to include initial compliance review of Maintenance of Effort (MOE), Charter FIRST and state PIC code compliance on initial budget.
  • Perform compliance final review of MOE, Charter FIRST, and state PIC code compliance on final budget
  • Prepare all final budget documents for board meeting
  • Perform PEIMS compliance reviews before final budget is entered into the SIS system
  • Review and/or approve the final budget numbers in the SIS match final budget approved at the board meeting
  • Prepare & send the Final budget document for website posting

Year-end Closing & Audit Preparation Processing

  • Assist Director in preparing client books for the audit by posting all final year-end accruals, receivables, balancing all balance sheet accounts and balancing all special revenue funds
  • Prepare/post final budget amendment after the client board approves it
  • Manage rollover of client database to prepare for new year, as deemed necessary. Includes roll over of final budget and balance sheet balances into new year database.
  • Prepare all final audit requests per auditor request list to include variance analysis from prior year to current year and budget to actual comparison
  • During audit, help with audit requests for clients
  • Assist Director in preparation of the Charter Data Template
  • Upload final PDF audit file to TEA and save TEA confirmations

Client Onboarding

  • Set-up Client Teams folders
  • Update client data sheet
  • Gather and Update client usernames and passwords for shared accounts in LastPass
  • Set up client AIS system
  • Set up CSS or other users in the AIS
  • Set up client purchase order process in the system
  • Set up client budget in the AIS
  • Set up client Fixed Asset inventory in the AIS

As needed

  • Prepare adhoc reports for clients as deemed necessary


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  • Minimum of 4 years related experience in school business
  • Experience in management of 2 or more personnel
  • Strong attention to detail
  •  Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A can-do, team-oriented personality
  • o Exceptional customer service skills
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills
  • Effective time-management and task-management skills
  • Fluency in spreadsheet creation and analysis
  • Ability to work remotely, independently (from home)
  • Stable, high speed internet access
  • Ability to travel for a multiple day team meeting in Texas, at least quarterly
  • Access to a phone, computer, scanner, printer and other basic office equipment for business purposes at home office


  • 5+ years of related experience in school business
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Experience using TxEIS or JR3

Accountability and Classification

In performing the above duties, the Finance Manager is to follow and conform to all of Charter School Success’ policies and procedures. Timeliness is paramount, and deadlines imposed by CSS, the client, Texas Education Agency, Federal agencies and other governing organizations are to be met. It is also imperative that the Finance Manager establish and maintain good relationships with their clients and to exceed the client’s expectations whenever possible, as customer service is at the core of the service we provide.

This position reports to the Finance Services Director.

This position is classified as full-time, exempt. Compensation is commensurate with experience, starting at $45K annually.