District Improvement Planning (DIP/LEA Plan) for Charter Districts 

Famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin once said, “Shoot for the moon; you might get there!” Space travel takes planning, and so does having really great schools! Having a well-designed DIP/LEA Plan (aka LEA Plan per TEA) can help your organization have focus and reach its goals, but in some cases, it is also required by law. … Read More

Beginning of Year Activities for Federal Programs

The 2024-25 school year is in sight, and it’s time to get organized to start the year off right! Planning and parental engagement are at the top of the list for the new year of federal programs, especially Title I. The CSS BOY Checklist will keep you in compliance with all the back-to-school federal requirements. … Read More

Special Education Consolidated (Federal) Grant Application 

Meeting the needs of special education students can be expensive for schools. Fortunately, the federal grant known as IDEA B is available to public schools to help meet those needs. The Special Education Consolidated (Federal) Grant application is available now in eGrants and is due no later than 5:00 p.m. September 3, 2024 (along with … Read More

Micro-Purchase Threshold Self-Certification for 2024-25 Due Oct. 1 (Optional)

When it comes to purchasing with grant funds, micro problems can become mega problems if you don’t follow proper procedures. You might have previously raised your micro-purchase threshold (EDGAR allowed starting 2021), but action is needed annually to maintain it. If you are new or want to make a change, you can consider this option … Read More