Applying for Sub System of Time & Effort

You know how sometimes you do something just in case you need it? Applying to use the substitute system of time and effort is a “just in case” situation; because if you don’t apply, you can’t use it. Why would I need it you ask? If you end up needing to split-fund an employee with … Read More

Title I Supplemental Methodology Requirement

Whether you are on a July 1 or Sept 1 budget start date, planning for Title I funds must be part of the process. When dealing with Title I, you will often hear the term SNS mentioned. SNS stands for “Supplement Not Supplant,” and prior to the adoption of the LEA budget, there is a … Read More

Basic Grants Management

Grants can be a great way to add funds to your school budget, but dealing with grants is not simple. The payoff of receiving grants can be worth it if you are cognizant of the regulations and rules of the grant. Before you venture too far into the grant waters, take the time to understand … Read More

ESSA Consolidated Grant Application

Summer is grant writing time in the federal world! This can often be our busiest time of year with closing out previous year grants, and planning and applying for the next round. One of the main ones is the ESSA Consolidated Grant Application that is the formula grant (non-competitive) for the major title funds (Title … Read More

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Charter HR Professional?

Today’s HR Tip is an interview with an HR Expert – Charter School Success’s very own Jordan Elliott. Read below for Jordan’s valuable insights from her career as an HR professional How did you get into the field of HR in education? My real love for HR evolved while I was serving as Superintendent of … Read More